Directory of domestic telephones of residents of of Russia by regions

Adygeya Republic

Altai Republic

Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

Ingushetia Republic

Jewish Autonomous oblast

Kalmykia Republic

Magadan Oblast

Nenets Autonomous Okrug

Northern Ossetia - Alania Republic

Sevastopol City
The telephone directory is intended for search of phones of tenants and the contact information of the enterprises. In the directory, all information is divided into two main sections. If you want to call a person`s phone by last name or find a person by phone number, then use the section "Telephone directory of residents". If you are interested in searching for a telephone of an enterprise or an organization, go to the "Telephone Directory of Enterprises" section.

For the convenience of the search, the entire database of phones is structured by region, city and address. You can find the city you need by using the search form in the left column. Alternatively, find the city step by step: "Country -> Region -> City" or "Country -> City". Then use the search using the special form inside the section.