Directory of domestic telephones of residents of by regions


Adygeya Republic

Altai Republic

Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

Ingushetia Republic

Jewish Autonomous oblast

Kalmykia Republic

Magadan Oblast

Nenets Autonomous Okrug

Northern Ossetia - Alania Republic

Sevastopol City


Dubăsari district

Munitsipiy belts

Munitsipiy bendery

Munitsipiy kishinev

Slobodzeya district


Acnatsci edge

Adaski edge

Aizpute region

Ajzkrauklsky edge

Alojas region

Aluksne region

Amata region

Ambulance edge

Angliski edge

Apsci edge

Apsuciems edge

Arkanese edge

As a result of the edge

Auscom edge

Balvu region

Bardonski region

Bauska County

Brozanski edge


Cēsis region

Cesvaine region

Daugavpils region

Dobele region

Form Valkas edge

Gadski edge

Garkalnsky edge

Grabinski edge

Gulbene region

Ikskile region

Inchukalnssky edge

Ingrasci edge

Jaunjelgava region

Jezewski edge

Kandava region

Karsava region

Kegumsky edge

Kekava region

Kolka Krai

Kraslava region


Lepofsky edge

Lielvārde region

Liesence edge

Ligatne region

Limbaži region

Lubāns region

Luzanski edge

Madona region

Maleski edge

Marcienas region

Massalski edge


Mersrags region

Ogre region

Olaine region

Ozolnieki County

Pagowski edge

Pakulska edge

Paveletsky edge

Perkoski edge

Plavinski edge

Preiļi region

Ranchi region

Roja region

Rojansky edge

Salacgrīva region

Salaspils region

Saldus region

Saulkrasti region

Sigulda region

Skrunda region

Smagalski edge

Stopinski edge

Stratelibri edge

Strenski edge

Subotsky edge

The at Baltezers region

The Lebanese region

There is edge

Topilski edge

Tukums County

Tumski edge

Ustiansky edge

Varaklani edge

Ventspils region

Vilensky edge

Vilyans‘kyi Krai

Vinitsky edge

Yukselisi edge

Zeranski edge

Zilupe edge
The telephone directory is intended for search of phones of tenants and the contact information of the enterprises. In the directory, all information is divided into two main sections. If you want to call a person`s phone by last name or find a person by phone number, then use the section "Telephone directory of residents". If you are interested in searching for a telephone of an enterprise or an organization, go to the "Telephone Directory of Enterprises" section.

For the convenience of the search, the entire database of phones is structured by region, city and address. You can find the city you need by using the search form in the left column. Alternatively, find the city step by step: "Country -> Region -> City" or "Country -> City". Then use the search using the special form inside the section.